What is a Game changer?

Game Changer exists to make technology more humane and the technological transition easier. We want
make the best of the changes to come.

How do we change the world?

Game Changer is where new technologies are introduced. A training ground of knowledge and hope, a community that
it can inspire and connect everyone. It gives answers to questions about how different technological areas can
find mutual application, presents new solutions and ideas with which you will upgrade your digital
products. A space that gives impetus in shaping the direction of business development, career and education.

Why should you be part of the Game changer ecosystem?

Are you a start-up? – You invented something new – how does the world know about you? Where people will test yours
product or concept? Will the people testing have enough technological knowledge?

Are you a corporation? – If you are looking at the short term, Game changer is not the place for you. If you want the best
people who will develop and implement your technology products, you need to be where they are
gather. If you don’t change, someone else will. If you want to present yourself as a tech
cool and tech friendly brand, you need to be present in places where there is a technology community. In the era
the decline in trust in corporations initiated by millennials and accelerated by Generation Z, the question is how
what does the future of each brand look like? Who will love your brand?

Are you ambitious? – We gather such a community. Game changer is a place of creative,
professional and ambitious people. We unite the first users in the world of technology, technological
professionals, representatives of the corporate sector, students and creative industries.



Conferences are held in the city of Zagreb in the Z center in the western part of the city


In order to arrive safely at the venue, check the regular ZET lines.


During the conference, we offer you accommodation near the Z center.