GROW! the program is a place to return to yourself through work on personal potentials – mental, emotional and physical – through personalized team building content created in collaboration with experts on personal and business growth, longevity and creativity.

It is intended for companies that know that the well-being of employees is the basis of every sustainable company today, and that every tech life on the other side of the scale must have quality real life and tools for “running the long haul”.

The special feature of this program is the equal emphasis on working with individuals and on coaching groups through a series of lectures, training, coaching and relaxation training for mind and body.

Why Tech detox & retreat?

We are constantly exposed to external impulses that trigger our irritations, create a physical and emotional reaction and ultimately govern our thoughts and actions, because they trigger activities in the body that protect us from external impulses – all this we call stress.

If it’s acute stress, our body quickly returns to balance, but if it’s chronic stress – usually because the individual doesn’t have or doesn’t know how to use the “tools” that bring him back to a state of peace – there are big consequences for the psyche and the body, and for many even to burnout.

Such situations change the “views” of the private lives of individuals to whom such a situation occurs, but also of the company that is left without its most valuable employees. Today we know what we don’t have – we don’t have much time, but we have the opportunity to “reset” ourselves on programs like this and move forward on a healthier foundation. It is a time in which we would do our best in peace in order to understand in the most efficient and creative way how far we have come, what we need to do and in what way – the best way to move on.


"Individual - Team - Goal"

Quality coping with changes in business and private life is what makes an individual more resilient and ready for everyday challenges – independently and in a team. And personal growth and empowerment always starts from within – from recognizing and activating an individual’s potential.

How to achieve this? By changing the focus.

The traditional pattern of approach to team building programs or business education is based on the setting – the goal comes first, then the team and then the individual. Changing the paradigm of the approach to the employee, especially at a time of increasing challenges that penetrate the markets and companies at an increasing speed, is essential.

GROW! the project primarily addresses the individual and his empowerment, because only an empowered, healthy and focused individual can become a quality part of the team in the long run and an important and stable link in achieving the company’s goals.

GROW! foundations

Personnel & Team Growth – Longevity - Creativity


In their annual plans and content for employees, leading global companies also focus on well-being, realizing that a healthy and mentally resilient individual is the key link to a well-functioning team. Based on the extensive experience of GROW! team in the well-being area, a large pool of associates who are the best in their fields, and an insight into the dynamics of life and work of a modern person – the program we developed is a strong link for companies and the potential for major changes.

With GROW! program, in cooperation with experts on the topic of personal and team growth, longevity and creativity, we open the door to better functioning of the team and the company in the long run. What companies often fail to achieve, even when they have the desire, need and budget, is to provide quality well-being content for their employees. In a sea of ​​content, it’s important to provide the best.

GROW! the team includes a dozen top experts – doctors, scientists, life & business coaches, experts in longevity, body and health, and creatives who “entered” the core of quality handling of challenges and use of one’s own resources.


GROW! retreat programs are held through three modules as weekends of intense relaxation and work on self-recovery, and new connections with the team in 4- and 5-star hotels in Croatia and the region, and as one-day workshops in companies or specially selected spaces.

Every GROW! programs are personalized and designed according to the company’s needs.

The direction is clear